1. Hello all. God, I haven’t been on tumblr in a long long time. My laptop died on me and I don’t have money to get it fixed or to get a new one. And being on tumblr isn’t as fun on my phone. Hope everyone is well.

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    So this is the best thing

    Oh this one’s pretty good

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    I hope I never again get to the point where I want to kill myself, it’s not pretty and it scares me. Little by little I find the beauty in life, sometimes I fall back into depression but I try to think positively. I know that it all starts with me and how I act, but sometimes it is hard. 

    I know what it’s like to deal with a loved one’s suicide, and I don’t want my family or friends to go through that. 

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Yes, you and I are all wannabes.

    Yes, you and I are all wannabes.

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    Ok, I don’t know how this happened, but, for some reason, I have 101 followers. I know that to a lot of people it ain’t a lot, but it is to me. I have had this account for like almost three years, and I now have 101 followers. It’s kinda nice.

    Thank you all for following me!

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    Never, in my life, have I been told I’m beautiful 

    Maybe some day someone will tell me, and I hope they’re being honest. 

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    #midnight is a tERRIFYING EPISODE okay

    We still dont even know what the THING WAS

    I was simultaneously laughing and crying through this entire scene.

    there is no monster in all of doctor who that terrified me as much as this one. I mean yeah there have been terrible, terrible creatures, but the doctor always managed to defeat them. He didn’t manage to defeat this one. It’s still out there, on the diamond planet and it would’ve killed him and taken over the whole universe if it wasn’t for that stewardess. Because if a creature like that can live on the diamond planet - a planet where everyone thought nothing can survive, what can it do to the rest of the world?

    I bet it’s out there right now, having tea with the vasta nerada, Silence, and angels.

    The thing that terrified me about this episode wasn’t the creature, or demon, or whatever it was.  It was the humans.  And their fear.  They were ready to kill something because it was new.  They were ready to kill the Doctor because of his intelligence and curiosity.  That’s the thing about humans- we’re not bad, we’re just so scared of the unknown that, in situations like this, we’ll forget our morals and our minds and we will do anything- anything- to return things to normal.

    This was one of less than ten episodes of DW I’ve ever seen, and if the rest of the show is anything like this, fuck Supernatural, it’s the scariest shit I’ve ever seen. Colin Morgan aside, at least SPN monsters are just that, supernatural- they’re not real, they can’t harm us (cannibalistic hillbillies etc aside, I mean in general). It’s like Voldemort vs Umbridge- the greater, distant horror will never be as frightening to you as the one you experience on a day to day basis. 

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    I really should be sleeping
    — Me right now. Probably you too. (via lastisle)

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  9. Has anyone read or seen Like Water for Chocolate

    You know how Tita’s mom treats Tita’s sisters, and especially, Tita? That’s pretty much how my mom treats me. Pretty much the same attitude and manipulative nature

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    I’m going to move soon, and I found a lot of art supplies that I no longer use. I will be doing a giveaway, and hopefully someone else can use these supplies to make their own masterpiece!

    Giveaway ends on Feb. 14th - I will randomly choose one person on that date.

    • Reblog as much as you like (likes do not count)
    • No giveaway blog!
    • You MUST have your ask box open.
    • I will cover all costs.

    Here is what you will get!

    • 12 Simply Soft Pastels  - they are all untouched EXCEPT for the green.
    • An old unused Asian calligraphy set.
    • Powders: Gold Bronze Powder (2 containers), Silver Powders (2 containers), Metallic Green Powder (2 containers), and one Metallic Blue Powder.
    • Artist Spatula Set
    • A Stencil Brush Set! Sizes are: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”
    • 5 Flat Brushes. Sizes are: 0”, 1/2”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”
    • 2 Wash Brushes. Both are size 2.
    • 4 Bristle Brushes. Sizes are: 2”, 3”, 4” (2) (2 of them are lightly used)
    • 12 Round Brushes. Sizes are: 1” (2), 2” (2), 3” (2), 4” (3), 5”, 6” (2)
    • 1 Shader. Size 2.
    • 10 Liner Brushes. Sizes are: 10/0” (2), 6.0”, 0.3”, 0”, 1” (3), 2”, 4”
    • Spotter Brush. Size 10/0.

    Good luck! :)

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  12. one time, when I was working the early shift at work, I was talking to my cuddle buddy, before he was my cuddle buddy, and I had told him before that I like people regardless of their sex or gender, but he seemed to have forgotten, and we had this conversation:

    Me: I like guys- (stops because I thought manager was going to pass and get mad that we’re talking)

    Him: (serious) Oh, I was hoping you did

    Me: I didn’t finish! I was going to say, I like guys chests and girl chests, so when I’m lacking in one, I have the other!

  13. There’s this guy at work, he’s new, and whenever he sees me, he tries to greet me with an Australian accent. I don’t even know why he does that.

    There’s another guy who, whenever he sees me, bites his thumb. But there is a back-story to that.

    oh guys at work, why you so funny?

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